Golf and Hotel

Marketing Consultant

Management of cost-effective and integrated digital and traditional marketing campaigns balancing 

seasonal fluctuations and achieving high-level capacity


  • To work closely with the Director and Club Secretary as a Marketing Consultant for The Springs Hotel and Golf Club two days a week.

  • To run the marketing function, including planning and implementing promotional campaigns, to support the strategic goals of the business and maximise the use of the marketing budget.

What I did

  • As a Marketing Consultant for The Springs Hotel and Golf Club, I managed all of their marketing. I seamlessly worked with the team to ensure promotions could be met operationally and were supported by the staff. I produced a monthly marketing report for the Directors.

  • Sales promotion – I arranged a variety of time-sensitive sales promotions to boost enquiries and reach the capacity to meet budgeted goals during seasonal downturns. 

  • Events – I developed and promoted attractive packages for a successful events calendar aimed at the local geographic market, including Wedding Fayres, Weddings and celebration parties, Christmas Market and company parties, themed nights, and entertainment events. 

  • Corporate partnerships - I nurtured partnerships with new and existing corporate clients in the UK and overseas.

  • Digital marketing

    1. PPC advertising.

    2. I worked with internet companies to develop and publish specific deals for travel and entertainment for their clients to help manage seasonal trends and bookings.

    3. Developed e-mail campaigns and manage the customer database to keep interested parties abreast of new events, offers, and updates on the hotel. 

    4. Created relevant SEO content for social media channels including Facebook and Twitter.

    5. Management of the design and SEO writing for their new website.

  • Traditional advertising

  1. Media advertising in restaurant, hotel, and bridal publications as well as local newspapers and magazines.

  2. Writing, design, and production of brochures, promotional leaflets, banners, and posters.


  • Hotel and golf course capacity better managed and utilised during seasonal variances.

  • Events were well attended and The Springs was a visible and recognised brand in the local community.

  • Directors were better equipped to focus on running the business.

"I worked with Helen whilst she supported The Springs Hotel and Golf Club as a Freelance Marketer.


She offered strategic direction and marketing support for the business. She developed and ran online promotional campaigns to manage seasonal capacity variances for the core business of the hotel and golf club.


Helen promoted local events, weddings, and parties and positioned the hotel and golf club as a wedding and events venue of choice in the wider community. Helen is an excellent communicator, planner, and organiser. She is highly creative and displays strong business acumen.


I would not hesitate in recommending Helen to any business who needs additional marketing support for their team."

Karolina Michalak

Group Management Accountant, Darwin Escapes

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