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Writing email communications,

& high impact case studies

Email communications using case studies for Healios, a specialist online provider of mental health. 


  1. 3 email templates for the team to send to customers as follow up.

  2. Email campaign for new customers - Fully written email content for overarching story flow across 4 to 6 emails.  

  3. 2 high impact case studies to go out in the email campaigns and to be used in presentations.

What I did


Researched the mental health service provision of Children and Young People (C&YP) and the voice of Healios. This involved reading current market research in the area, looking at past work, their website, and talking to team members including clinicians who worked directly with the patients.

Developed key messages around producing high-quality holistic care with improved outcomes whilst offering cost savings compared to traditional care and reducing waiting lists for the NHS.

Patient and Trust case studies developed demonstrating the benefits of this innovative mental health service provision to:
•    the child patient and their family including ease of access and the improved clinical outcomes
•    the NHS Trust including waiting time targets being met and exceeded, improved clinical outcomes, and cost savings made.

Email content was written for potential new partners highlighting the benefits of working with a specialist online mental health provider that could transform their Children and Young People’s mental health provision with Healios’s innovative digital service. Case studies linked.

Tailored email campaigns sent to potential partners that highlighted the key benefits of partnering with Healios for their mental health provision.

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