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Case study

SEO website content


Regular SEO content writer for Ramsay Health Care UK, one of the market leaders in UK private healthcare 


Weight loss surgery – “We have seen a big drop from the search engines for our key weight-loss treatment landing pages. This is very old copy and is time for a re-write. Our SEO Agency has provided some guidance for the structure and keywords that need to be used for these pages.”

What I did

Using the brief provided by Ramsay Health Care UK, I researched and wrote SEO optimised website content for their weight loss surgery webpages.


  • All weight loss surgery treatment landing pages for Ramsay Health Care UK show up on the 1st page of Google search with frequently used search terms for the procedures.

Gastric band.PNG
Weight loss surgery options.PNG
Gastric balloon.PNG
Gastric sleeve.PNG
Gastric bypass.PNG
  • Featured snippets when searching the cost of these procedures.

WLS cost UK snippet.PNG

"Helen has been working with us and is still producing medical content for our treatment pages. Her work always had the correct information, includes the keywords we suggest for SEO purposes, and delivers on time. We couldn't recommend anyone better for the work needed and at its best standard!"

Lucy Tezangi

Senior Digital Marketing Executive, Ramsay Health Care UK

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