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Case study

Fertility Marketing Consultant

SEO website writing, engaging blogs and a CTR of up to 18.35% resulted in an 87% increase in web traffic. Sales promotion generated 163% increase in leads and 31% rise in patient bookings.


  • To work as a Marketing Consultant for a Hampshire business two to three days a week.

  • Develop a marketing plan in line with the strategic goals for Complete Fertility and within the annual budget.

  • Ensure budgeted spend gains the best return on investment to promote Complete Fertility and its services to its target audiences.

  • To positively position Complete Fertility with stakeholders including other private and public health bodies, prospective patients, employees, suppliers, and the media to underpin Complete Fertility’s clinical and commercial objectives.

  • To plan and implement promotional campaigns to support strategic goals.

What I did

  • As a Marketing Consultant for Complete Fertility Centre Southampton, I offered a senior pair of hands to manage the marketing of the clinic, from it's the journey of being a start-up business to when it became part of the market-leading assisted reproductive services provider, Virtus Health.

  • I developed an annual marketing plan with specific and quantifiable marketing strategies that were aligned to the business road map. This process involved conducting a current situation and competitor analysis, defining key target audiences, setting goals and objectives, pricing, developing positioning, and branding.

  • I implemented the promotional plan within budget to sensitively guide users through the fertility process and capture leads.

    1. Digital marketing

      1. Identified and audited keywords and top-performing content. Built buyer personas.

      2. Created relevant content including testimonials, reviews, and journey paths of patients whose lives had been changed by CFC through successful fertility treatments, moments that matter, and service and clinic propositions and key benefits to the patients.

      3. Developed a comprehensive content plan that included regular blog writing, social media posts, and videos.

      4. Redesigned Complete Fertility’s website in line with the Virtus brief. Reviewed, updated, and wrote new SEO website content based on Google Analytics data using a CMS system to keep the site fresh and SEO optimised.

      5. Paid media – developed search and display advertising to target and retarget audiences searching for fertility treatment and those who may have an interest in finding out more about it.

      6. Data capture and email marketing campaigns.

      7. Lead for the implementation of a new CRM system to capture, progress, and monitor enquiries.

      8. Introduced webinars for prospective patients who preferred to interact online.

    2. Traditional advertising

      1. Heart radio campaigns using the emotion of the human voice to reach the target audience and used effective frequency to promote fertility services to the local population during seasonal fluctuations in service demand and campaign promotion.

      2. Print - I placed local newspaper and magazine advertisements, wrote and designed marketing collateral including brochures, posters, banners, postcards, and promotional goods.

      3. Direct marketing to patients and GP surgeries.

      4. Telemarketing to manage leads from campaigns.

    3. Relationship building with key stakeholders responsible for the planning and commissioning of health care services for the local area.

      1. GP practices - I developed a map of the most influential GP practices and built relationships with their Practice Manager and GPs. Marketing tactics involved email marketing to offer advice on referral requirements and service updates, a calendar of educational events with CPD points, on-site practice meetings, noticeboard posters, and postcards for patients.

      2. Commissioner relationships – I identified and helped build commissioner relationships for new NHS contracts.

    4. Sales promotion – I arranged a £500 off IVF campaign for a limited time to boost enquiries and secure leads for a limited time period.

    5. Events – I implemented a successful events calendar for prospective patients that were targeted to different target audiences based on geographical location and relationship preferences. I organised a ‘Fertility in the City’ high profile event at a prestigious local hotel to offer fertility advice to local target audiences.

    6. Public relations – I worked with local media and journalists to demonstrate the work that Complete Fertility does daily and offer first-hand experience of their world-class facilities.

  • I supported the internal communications strategy including producing staff newsletters, presenting at staff meetings, and introducing staff incentives to grow employee engagement in the business and marketing objectives.

  • I managed and measured the return on investment for key campaigns throughout the year and delivered results of each campaign to the Senior Management Team.


  • 87% increase in web traffic from February 2019 to January 2020.

  • Sales promotion generated 163% increase in leads and 31% rise in patient bookings.

  • 39% increase in donor sperm usage during promotional period demonstrating targeted same-sex and single women target audiences booking fertility treatment.

  • Inspiring messages and relevant keywords generated excellent click-through rates (CTR) from Google PPC advertising. CTR between 3.94% up to 18.35% (industry average 1.79%)

  • High-quality imagery and engaging content generated CTRs from Facebook up to 2.09% (industry average 0.83%)

  • Relationships built with key GP practices in targeted areas, highlighting clinic services, and ironing out any referral issues to allow for a more effective way of working together. Many practices showed an increase in private and NHS referrals to the clinic.

  • Tender achieved with local CCG for the provision of NHS services.

  • Open evening events well attended and bookings generated.

  • Increase in positive Google reviews with ratings moving from 3.1 to 3.6.

  • Blogs awarded second place in Feedspot’s UK Top 10 Fertility blogs and brought 40% of the website's organic traffic.

Examples of work

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Same sex info evening Jan 2020.png
Fertility info evening.png
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"Helen has been a Freelance Marketing Consultant at Complete Fertility Ltd for over ten years.


She has been a key member of the senior team at Complete Fertility Centre since the early days of opening a new clinic, through privatisation and expansion and during the opening of further satellite centres.


Helen delivers high-level work, on time, and beyond expectations.


Helen will develop yearly marketing strategies with associated budgets and deliver repeatedly excellent results on or below budget.


She has excellent communication skills and her writing won our clinic a “blog of the year” award.


She keeps updated with the rapidly changing world of social media and can engage with staff, businesses, and patients exceptionally well.


In addition to patient and GP communications, Helen would organise all of our events effortlessly without overspending.


If you hand a project to Helen you know you won’t need to micromanage or follow up. She will keep you in the loop at all stages and give you exactly what you were looking for, even if you had trouble articulating your needs!


Happy to give further information about Helen’s excellent capabilities if contacted. ​"

Julia Paget

Clinic Director, Complete Fertility Ltd

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