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How much do you charge?

This is probably the most frequently asked question my clients ask and understandably so. Of course, you want an idea of how much it costs to hire a freelance copywriter and indeed my fees for the work you require whilst you are considering my copywriting services. As a business, you need to know the costs upfront for these services.


This question isn't easy to answer though. Every job is customised, such as the nature of copywriting, and so I first need to know all about your project before I can give you a price.

How do you charge for your copywriting services?

For copywriting I charge by the project and factor in my time in thinking, researching, discussing the brief, client emails and calls, project management, and copy revisions. I quote a project price because that’s what you as my client really want to know – how much the project is going to cost.


When putting together your copywriting quote I will consider and account for all the following factors listed below.

  • The extent of copy required

Is it one blog a month or a website review and rewrite of 20 webpages?

  • The complexity of the project

Will it require a lot of research or understanding of a technical product?

  • How will I obtain the necessary background knowledge?

Will I need to do online research or interview experts and staff to gain the information needed to write your copy?

  • How creative does the copy need to be?

 Is it ad-writing where every word counts or a blog article that allows for an explanation?

  • How much leg-work has already been done?

Have you already evaluated your competition, built a brand identity, and determined your keywords? I will align my writing to your company's tone of voice, marketing strategy, and SEO requirements. If you're a start-up or SME, I may also need to provide guidance on your marketing strategy and planning too.

  • Are bulk and/or regular orders required?

I offer competitive package prices for copy that is required on a regular basis, such as a weekly blog. These discounted rates are only available when a bulk order is confirmed and not for work in the pipeline.

  • Speed of delivery

Fast turnarounds are completely possible but will cost more as inevitably I will need to work evenings or weekends to squeeze in the new project.

  • Ensuring I'm competitive

I appreciate I need to be affordable whilst considering my depth of experience and the effectiveness of my work.


After chatting with you about your project, I will give you a realistic project quote.

Is there anything else I should think about when considering your copywriting charges?

I hope you consider the value that I, as an experienced copywriter, can bring to your business and not just use price as the only deciding factor in your hiring decision. Copywriting is written advertising. Carefully crafted copy can build brand engagement and loyalty as well as persuade and influence your target market in their buying decisions to bring ardent customers, a rise in leads, and additional sales for your business.

Let's chat

H Kennard Let's chat over Coffee

If you'd like a quote for your copywriting needs then please contact me so we can have a chat about all of your requirements and I'll put together a tailored, no-obligation quote for you.

Let’s chat! We can talk about your marketing needs or scope out together the marketing or copywriting service your business needs to grow.

You might be a company that:  

  • is a start-up and needs a website building and populating with inspiring SEO content

  • is considering a digital marketing channel and would like to discuss the benefits and pitfalls first

  • is unsure about which markets to target and the angle for your marketing

  • needs some blogs writing to improve your SEO but don't have the time or skill.  


Whether you have a specific question, want a second opinion, or would like to explore ideas, I’m happy to help you think your marketing through, achieve clarity, and give you some pointers to get your marketing and content plan together.

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