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Complete Fertility Advert for Donor Sperm

Case study

Digital Marketing

Integrated digital media campaign that increased awareness and drove targeted customers to buy 


Complete Fertility Centre (CFC) is part of Virtus Health Ltd, a market-leading Assisted Reproductive Services (ARS) provider, and offers fertility treatment to help patients have a baby.

  • To develop and effectively market an enticing sales promotion that imposes a more urgent call to action to compete with tough competitors and meet sales budget goals. 

  • To create and implement a promotional campaign plan for the immediate availability of a service in short supply in the UK.

What I did

  • A strong and compelling sales promotion that differentiated CFC from its competitors was developed.

  • Patient personas were developed for individual service propositions.

  • Key messages and content created that sensitively guided prospective patients through the sales funnel.

  • Promoted each proposition to target audiences through an integrated digital marketing plan that included:

    • Facebook and Instagram adverts that grabbed prospective patient's attention, gained traction by highlighting benefits, created an emotional desire, and a call to action that reached targeted and retargeted audiences.

    • Organic SEO posts and content were generated alongside ads to those already with an interest in the service. 

    • Pay Per Click (PPC) Google Ads focused on benefits with a sense of urgency to generate leads.

    • Website banners, signposts, and links developed for clear navigation around site and ease of access to campaigns.

    • A new search engine optimised landing page developed with clear and convincing key messages, an explanation of the promotion and how to access it, testimonials to connect with, success rates to reinforce buying decision, and supportive finance options. 

    • Informative SEO blog posts generated to reinforce the key messages of ad campaigns including availability now and success rates. 

    • Email marketing campaigns delivered to a double-opt-in database that mirrored the imagery and key messages on other digital platforms to build recognition and support buying decision.

  • Measured the impact of marketing campaigns using Google Analytics and social media insights.​


  • Over 200000 people reached through Facebook advertising.

  • Google Ads PPC click-through rate up to 17.27%.

  • 35.5% email open rate.

  • 163% increase in leads and a 31% rise in patient bookings.

  • 39% increase in donor sperm usage during the promotional period.

  • Bigger commitment from patients by buying for three cycles rather than just one.

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