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Case study

Blog writing

Awarded 2nd place in Feedspot's Top 10 UK Fertility Blogs in 2020 for Complete Fertility Ltd, part of the market-leading Assisted Reproductive Services provider, Virtus Health 


To write regular informative fertility blogs with clear messages for Complete Fertility that supported the clinic's digital marketing strategy.


The blog aims included:

  • to break down fertility jargon so that it is more easily understood by prospective patients.

  • for the Complete Fertility website to be the 'go-to' place for fertility research and knowledge.

  • to increase Complete Fertility's organic reach that supports the maximising of a tightly controlled marketing budget.

What I did

I wrote regular blog posts, using a compassionate, comprehensible, and knowledgeable tone of voice aligned with Complete Fertility patient-centric brand values. The blogs incorporated relevant keywords for search engine optimisation (SEO) and were aimed at prospective patients who sought more information about their fertility journey.

Topics included:

  • Procedure information - hycosy, egg sharing, reciprocal parenting

  • Differences between procedures - ICSI vs IVF, IUI or IVF

  • Donation - using and donating donor sperm, eggs and embryos

  • Funding - options and costs

  • Service differentiation - success rates, technology, patient support, new clinics, latest research

  • Lifestyle factors - stress, diet, exercise

  • Clinic news - refurbishment, Virtus takeover, events


  • New informative blog post section created on Complete Fertility's website. 

  • Improved average position of Complete Fertility Centre within the search marketplace.

  • Consistent recognition from Feedspot by awarding Complete Fertility in their Top 10 UK Fertility Blogs in 2018, 2019 and 2020, and making second place in 2020. Feedspot offers the most comprehensible list of best UK fertility blogs online. Top blog sites are selected from thousands of blogs using search and social metrics including their Google reputation, Google search ranking, quality and consistency of posts and popularity on social media sites.




  • Many blogs enjoy featured snippet positions on Google (prime positions on Google search determined by Google's automated systems that look at web search listings and whether a page would make a good featured snippet for a specific search request. 

  • Majority of blogs listed on the first page of Google, using relevant search terms.

  • Blogs brought 40% of the website's organic traffic.

“Complete Fertility are actively working to educate, inspire, and empower their readers with frequent updates and high-quality information”  Feedspot


Featured snippet    on Google search

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Blogs ranking on first page of  Google search for keywords

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"Helen delivers high-level work, on time, and beyond expectations.


She has excellent communication skills. Her writing won our clinic a blog of the year award by Feedspot which shows the exceptional standard of her writing.


Thank you, Helen, for all the hard work and loyalty you have given to the clinic."

Julia Paget

Clinic Director, Complete Fertility Ltd

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