Case study

Article writing

Article writer for ACUVUE® Brand Contact Lenses,

one of the major contact lens brands on the market 


Digital marketing agency, AE Media, took on new health client ACUVUE® and required copywriting services of a health copywriter.

To create a series of ten 300 word articles around common vision problems and the ACUVUE® eye care products that are written in their brand tone and in a positive light, answering questions provided and incorporating keywords.


The aim of the web articles was to educate contact lens users on their prescribed condition and the relevant ACUVUE® eye care products available to make the website a go-to information hub for eye care.

What I did

I was chosen as ACUVUE's copywriter after successfully writing an initial article that the client was happy with.


I wrote four batches of ten articles for the ACUVUE® website including eyesight tests, eye conditions and their symptoms, treatment options and the use, type and care of contact lenses, within a tight timescale. 


  • The client was very happy with the content and stated 'the tone used is spot on'.

  • New informative content for the ACUVUE® website that incorporated keywords and answered commonly asked questions


Let’s chat! We can talk about your marketing needs or scope out together the marketing or copywriting service your business needs to grow.

You might be a company that:  

  • is a start-up and needs a website building and populating with inspiring SEO content

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Whether you have a specific question, want a second opinion, or would like to explore ideas, I’m happy to help you think your marketing through, achieve clarity, and give you some pointers to get your marketing and content plan together.

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