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Case study

Newsletter writing

Southampton Hospitals Charity.png

Newsletter writing for Southampton Hospitals Charity, a charity that raises life-saving funds for the University Hospital Southampton


  • To manage the production of the Southampton Hospitals Charity newsletter within the brief.

  • To write inspiring stories with impact, which took the Charity’s caring tone of voice, for the supporters of the Charity within tight timescales due to staff shortages.

  • This newsletter is a tool to help fundraise for the Charity and to let supporters know the value of their gifts and how they are spent.

What I did

  •        Story generation

o    Researched story topics.
o    Liaised with the Charity team and contacted people involved in the story for their input and quotes.
o    Attended the opening of the haematology day center to gain in-depth information about the centre and the impact of its opening to patients, staff and other supporters to assist in writing the article. 
o    Wrote story content.

  • Image gathering

o    Obtained images from those involved in the story, took photographs at the Centre’s opening and used some stock images

  • Newsletter design

o    Worked with the design agency to ensure consistent branding and a coherent layout ran throughout the newsletter, and that regular features were in expected positions for ease of finding.

  • Proofreading and editing

o    Together with the Fundraising Manager the newsletter was proofread and edited as required.


  • Impactful newsletter with stories that had newsy heads, standfirsts, pullquotes and boxouts.

  • Stories were written in the Charity’s tone of voice for consistency and brand engagement.

  • Newsletter produced seamlessly and on time.

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