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Case study

Events management

Event calendar management of

regular, one-off large and online events


Complete Fertility Centre (CFC) is a fertility treatment provider for patients on the South Coast of England.  

  • To develop and promote an event calendar that targeted different audiences and invited them to a personal experience of the clinic, its unique offer, and an opportunity to answer questions that may be the stumbling block to conversion.

  • To hold and advertise a one-off high-profile event that would boost awareness and patient bookings.

  • To organise cost-efficient and convenient online webinar events for the preference of some prospective patients. 

What I did

I organised a successful calendar of intimate events for prospective patients that were specifically targeted to identified geographic and relationship preference audiences. 


I arranged a ‘Fertility in the City’ high profile event at a prestigious local hotel to offer fertility advice to local target audiences.

I organised an interactive educational and convenient webinar.

I advertised these events using social media advertising and Google Ads, which were supported by organic posts and blog content. I wrote the press release to pique the interest of local journalists. 

Sign-ups were generated through event-specific landing pages linked to Salesforce to allow measurement of engagement and conversion.

Specific on-the-night offers were available to encourage bookings.

Automated email content was written to allow timely follow-up post-event.


  • Successful attendance levels at all events.

  • Increased awareness of service-offering generated from the high-profile event. 

  • Great attendee feedback regarding the events.

  • Excellent conversions with attendees utilising on-the-night offers and enjoying personal approach. and advice.

  • Effective use of budget and good return on investment.

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