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Digital Marketing Manager

Expert, Flexible & Cost-effective

Digital Marketing to support & actively grow your business

I can help you with all of your online marketing needs

  • Website build, design and copywriting. Experienced user of Wix and WordPress to develop and publish your website. 

  • Content marketing - plan, create, distribute, and publish content to reach, connect with, and engage your prospects and customers to improve brand awareness and loyalty, reach target audiences, raise your search engine positioning, and increase website traffic, leads and sales.

  • Search engine optimisation (SEO) - get your business ranking higher on organic, non-paid, searches on Google. 

  • Search engine marketingPay Per Click (PPC) advertising - paid search advertising using Google Ads.

  • Social media management - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn using social media tools including Hootsuite to manage your social channels. I plan, produce and post your content as well as interact with your customers. I can help as little or as much as you want.

  • Social media advertising - Boost traffic and drive brand engagement on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

  • Email marketing - cost-effective marketing to reach out directly to your customers. Use existing mailing lists or create new ones, develop email content and design email campaigns using MailChimp.

  • Blog post and article writing - I can write regular blog posts to build trust and credibility, boost SEO ranking, increase website traffic, and foster relationships with potential and current customers. 

  • Analytics - use of analytic tools including Google Analytics to quantify marketing activities and to improve and optimise future online marketing campaigns.

Why hire me for Digital Marketing support

  • immediate and expert digital marketing support if your company or in-house team doesn't have the time, skill, or resources. 

  • marketing and content writing skillset under one roof.

  • a senior pair of hands who can jump in and expertly manage your digital marketing requirements.

  • a passionate and friendly team player who can seamlessly integrate into your business

  • switch on switch off service to efficiently manage your business needs and achieve your goals.

  • results-orientated can-do approach focussed on delivering the best return on investment.

  • cost-effective, flexible and affordable


Julia Paget

Clinic Director, Complete Fertility Ltd

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"Helen delivers fantastic high-level work, on time, and beyond expectations. She is a very hard worker and responds immediately to any request.


Helen will develop yearly marketing strategies with associated budgets and deliver repeatedly excellent results on or below budget.


She has excellent communication skills and her writing won our clinic a “blog of the year” award.

She has an in-depth and up to date knowledge of the rapidly changing world of digital marketing and social media and can engage with staff, businesses, and patients exceptionally well.

Helen will keep you in the loop at all stages of a project or campaign and give you exactly what you were looking for, even if you had trouble articulating your needs! "

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