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Neat Marketing Copywriter's Desk

to drive engagement and deliver leads for your business

Effective, Flexible and Cost-Efficient Marketing and Copywriting

  • Do you want to grow your business, but don't need a full-time Marketing Manager?

​I work as an Outsourced Marketing Manager for startup and small business owners. I provide a senior pair of hands to expertly manage all of your marketing requirements whilst you get on with running your business. As your Marketing Manager, I can develop your marketing strategy, plan and implement your marketing campaigns, manage any other external providers and agencies, and measure your marketing success. 

  • In the current economic climate with many marketing budgets and teams sadly being cut, could your company benefit from the services of a freelance marketing expert without having to provide a full-time salary or associated benefits such as pension contributions and holiday pay?

I can seamlessly work with your team on a part-time retainer basis that is tailored to the amount of marketing support your business needs. I can manage your marketing at every step and you'll find I have all of the skills you need under one roof including website SEO optimisation, copywriting, social media management, PR and event management, and email marketing.

  • Do you lack the internal resource or need specific marketing expertise that you don’t currently have in-house, such as digital marketing support? 

I work as an Outsourced Digital Marketing Manager for the Marketing Director/Manager or Head of Marketing of all-size companies. I can offer digital marketing support on search engine optimisation (SEO), paid search including pay per click (PPC) advertising, display advertising, social media management, content marketing, email marketing, and analytics.

  • Do you need help to define what is unique and inspiring about your product or service?

I can write motivating copy and a compelling story that clearly communicates the benefits of your business, effectively gets your business heard in a crowded market, and helps your customers to choose you.


  • Are you a media agency in need of a specialist healthcare copywriter for a medical client?

I am an experienced ​and knowledgeable healthcare marketing copywriter who can get straight on with writing inspiring, engaging, jargon-free, and on-time copy that delivers the results that your client demands.

  • Do you lack the time to write the copy your business deserves or when you have time you find you suffer from writer's block?

Relax I can manage all of your copywriting needs to help your business build an engaged following and convert leads into sales. 

  • Do you need an extra team member to provide expert SEO copywriting?

I am a digital marketing copywriter who can deliver SEO copy that improves your content marketing and helps you rank higher in search results.


  • Is English your second language?

As a native English copywriter, I can fine-tune or completely rewrite your initial draft or prose, to ensure it is well structured and makes perfect sense. 

  • Would you like to produce regular blogs that provide relevant content for your customers?

I can write blogs to develop your customer relationships, position your company as an authority, improve SEO, and drive traffic to your website.

  • Are you looking for marketing or copywriting support for a one-off project?

You can parachute me in for a one-off project such as a product or service launch, an event that needs planning and organising, an internal newsletter to gee-up your staff, an email campaign to convert your leads, or a timely and newsworthy press release.

  • Would your business benefit from the flexible arrangements of a Freelance Marketing Consultant or Freelance Copywriter on an ad hoc basis as part of your blended workforce?

I can work on a flexible turn on and turn off basis for your marketing and copywriting needs. This ad-hoc way of working is cost-effective and allows you to benefit from the reassurance of an agreed and established working relationship that you call on when your company needs additional focus or support. You might want to step up your marketing and copywriting efforts periodically throughout the year such as when you've got a campaign approaching or you have staff shortages. I can jump right in and step down afterward. You might want to optimise your web content, launch a new product or service, write a series of blogs on a topical subject matter, run an eminent event, develop a powerful landing page that converts your leads, or build your presence on social media.

I blend working on and off-site as required for businesses in Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, and Hampshire and for UK-wide companies, we work together online. 

Whatever your marketing or copywriting need, just give me a call and we can discuss the best approach.

"Helen has been a Freelance Marketing Consultant and a key member of the senior team at Complete Fertility Centre.


Helen delivers high-level work, on time, and beyond expectations.


Helen will develop yearly marketing strategies and deliver repeatedly excellent results on or below budget."

Julia Paget

Clinic Director, Complete Fertility Ltd

"Helen was a Copywriter for our biggest national client, after being chosen as the lead copywriter for their blog.


Her work was always spot on, perfectly aligned with the brief, and delivered on time. She has done an amazing job fulfilling very high client's expectations.


I would happily work with Helen in the future and would strongly recommend her."

Kasia Bigda

Head of SEO, Greenwood Campbell

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